High quality software, simply delivered.

We support teams around the world in efficiently delivering great software. With an eye for essential functionality, high quality and sustainable maintainability.

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We build data based web applications and enable others in doing so

In order to simply deliver high quality software, we consistently reduce complexity in software development through smart technology. We offer services for client, share technology with developers worldwide through open source projects and provide add-ons for even higher productivity.

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We thrive in building high quality software applications that are responsive by default and easy to maintain. Depending on the individual requirements of your project or application, we provide value in different ways.

Custom Software Development

Hire our full-stack specialists to build your state-of-the-art web application.

RubyOnRails Refactoring

We have updated and revamped old code bases before, and we are happy to do it again!

Project Management

Let us bring agile and lean methods into your organisation and achieve results faster.


In order to build great software as fast as possible, we constantly work on and with open-source technologies. Based on solid industry proven frameworks, our own libraries allow us to write 50% less code on average.

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In addition to our open source projects, we provide developers with various products in order to further increase their productivity.


Fast feedback on any challenges or troubles you face while using our libraries.

UI Templates

Save hours of unnecessary headaches when creating pragmatic user interfaces.

Pro Features

Achieve more with enterprise functionality for large applications or complex use cases.

They call us pioneers, visionaries or nerds...
We keep it simple and call us mates.

Jonas Jabari

Technology & Innovation

Pascal Wengerter

Operations & Client Success

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We believe in the power of people to make change through passion, technology and innovation. We also also believe in the power of open-source by connecting people, sharing ideas, knowledge and resources.

This is why we work hard to make custom software development more efficient, transparent and affordable in order to make it accessible to more people and organizations than ever before.

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